Week in review

Here ‘s a rundown of a few things done this week:


Met up with highschoolers and a few teachers at The Graham School for an afternoon of Warrior Flow and guided imagery.

Spoke with a great group of people getting employment coaching.  Led them through some meditation and de-stressing practices to get their week off to a good start.

Phone-in session with hospital administration on the subject of breath techniques for lowering stress at the desk.

Led power flow classes for stay at home moms and corporate peeps.

Met virtually with business mastermind partners from North Carolina and Illinois, one who is creating a trademark and another who is writing her own health pathways program.

Contributed to  “As If” journal where your entire day is written about “as if” the dream scene is already played out.

Met up with book club group to talk about “Do You Quantum Think, ” by Dianne Collins. A compelling read!  Great springboard material for future workshops.

Brainstorming session with computer programmer on website design and flow.

Ayurvedic training at my yoga school: pulse points, eye and tongue exam to determine dosha.  I’m Vata/ Pitta so need some more Kaphic characteristics to balance me out, I’ve been told.   Getting ready for Ayurvedic immersion and study in May.

Take care

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