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My yogi friend An-ge went off to D.C. this weekend, and I just got back from seeing my life and business coach (me and 120 other people) in North Carolina, the lovely, inspiring Christine Kane.   You can view her website and blog and have some shake-up inspirations of your own–she’s really that good!

One of the many insights Christine shared with her audience–all budding entrepreneurs, from massage therapists to musicians, life coaches, and energy workers–is the importance of developing your signature story as you “birth” a new business .  What kinds of events, transformations, or “a-ha’s” got you to the place where you are now?  People want to experience your authenticity with all of its twists, turns, set-backs and triumphs as a way to engage and share what it means to be on this life path together…

My story?  Well, I’ll unravel my own tale eventually on these pages, but I feel a little like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz where she discovers that all the answers she could ever really want are already inside. It just all depends on how long we want to give to all that searching.

It’s there–just listen…




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