What Being Grateful Does

Feeling grateful, experiencing gratitude in your life everyday is a complete body and mind de-stresser.

And by law of attraction principles, more and more goodness arrives in your life once focused attention begins to shine a  spotlight on the happy occurrences, people, and situations all around you.  Whatever it is you focus on expands, according to quantum science.

Make it a practice to continue the gratitude list beyond Thanksgiving–write down 5 things you’re noticing in appreciation every day and simply keep it by your bed in a journal or notebook.

Start really small if the bigger things don’t come to you: soft sheets on your bed, a joke with a co-worker,  a smile from a stranger.  You will find that for  those few moments the brain takes to seek  out the good, there will be less time for dwelling on sadness, slights, family issues, job issues , the economy. And it’s like any exercise that’s done regularly.  Your mind gets stronger (and more focused) at seeking it out.

I’m grateful for the family in my life, spicy tea, people holding doors open for each other, lighting a vanilla candle at the end of the day, my yoga mentor, Janice, yoga peeps, the enormous birch tree outside the kitchen window that provides shelter for an entire neighborhood of birds.

Build a list for yourself.   Think about it, add to it often, and see the changes…




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