What difference would I like to make?

by M. M. on November 28, 2015

To inspire others to want a re-do.

A re-do of the same old, tired, crumbly mindsets that offer little more than to keep us  in the same holding pattern of living, day after day, year after year.

And how might this be done?


Incorporating more pleasure in our everyday.



Tapping into an aware breath.

First thing in the morning we can create the most optimal, energizing, extraordinary start to a new day. It can help us form new pathways in our brains. And to start this re-do? It can be as simple as acknowledging the breath at the nostrils.

And how does something as simple as this awareness create such subtle yet profound changes in the way we move through our day?

It is because the breaths’ free and open movement in the body adds to or subtracts from the healthy functioning of our nervous system, and oh, how much that system can juice us up with vitality, or deflate us entirely.

This optimal and simple plan is a practice.  A practice, a structure, a container for sculpting a new life.

It is a plan that can help the anxious, the frazzled, the exhausted, the lonely, the doubtful, for taking the steps towards a life with purpose. A life well lived.

That’s a difference I’d like to make.

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