What difference would you like to make?

My meditation practice, sat through in countless yoga classes, retreats, and early morning (or not so early) wake ups,  has helped me sustain more ease in my life than I ever believed possible.

It is still a practice for me– a steady, constant awareness—–of recognizing and letting go of the same old, tired, crumbly mindsets and habits of living that keep me from creating a limitless mind.

If I can be one more light in the growing sea of lightworkers who are sharing the benefits and beauty of mindful awareness, then I will know I’ve made a difference.


Incorporating more pleasure in our everyday.



Tapping into an aware breath.

Al of these practices can revert the ship most of us usually find ourselves in—tossed about daily by whatever emotional weather interruptions swirling around us.

By making a new habit for ourselves everyday–and before we even throw the covers off, take a deep breath, a good yawn, and a wide stretch.

And then take another deeper breath.

It’s one of the most optimal, energizing, extraordinary steps we can create for ourselves, because it’s not only a health changer, it  also creates the mindset of awareness —placing us back in the captain’s seat of the ship we’re sailing each day.

We create our day.  We create our lives.

And the breath is all the understanding we need to link with the Divine.

This simple plan is a practice.  A practice, a structure, for sculpting a new life.

If reading this just provides a simple reminder to you of something you may have heard about or even once practiced but forgot in the busyness of life, then that’s a difference I’d be happy to know I made in someone’s life.

What’s the difference that you would like to make as you get on in the world?  Please share.  I’d love to read your comments!

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