Only one trend to follow

Happy New Year!

I’m ready to demonstrate more mindfulness in my life in 2014.

If you believe The Huffington Post, the idea of living more mindfully is the biggest trend taking shape this year.   Hopefully it won’t be a passing word but a way of life for most people.  It’s the great equalizer, too, since anyone can do it.  But you won’t see it being photographed or interviewed.

What exactly IS mindfulness?                                 

Is it about stopping as often as humanly possible to notice the contents of our minds? (What are you silently stewing over?  Still running through yesterday’s conversation?)

Does it have to do with how you eat and actually tasting it, chewing it, savoring it, without a phone held up to the ear?

Can it also be about walking and truly feeling the movement of the feet against the ground?

Could it also mean that a mindful end to the day would involve letting go of all anxieties, and instead include a welcoming deep breath with a beautifully lo-o-o-ng exhale?

Yes.  All of this.  And there’s lots more creative ways to sprinkle it in.

But just so you know—

to get you started.

Cause this is mindfulness at work.  In real time.

Go for it, and prepare to be transformed.

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