What’s that thing that makes you most proud?

Onward wth the “Live Your Legend” Blog Challenge!

Today the writing question happens to be naming the thing I am most proud.

As a mother, I would immediately shout out, “my kids!” Giving birth to them, sharing their lives with them, seeing their accomplishments through the years—yes, hands down I would not have to think much harder or longer than my three.

And what makes me most proud as Megan, the individual?

I’m still thinking about that one.  I wish it could be something like taking in a homeless family, running off to volunteer in Guatemala, saving up my dimes and dollars for a child to receive medical care in a developing country.

I do love the notion I had, though, of going off to Ireland and the tiny island off its west coast with no one planning it but me, and relying on no one but me (as well as the host of the yoga studio who was expecting me!)  Friends still like to remind me of the confidence it took to go it alone as I did, although I think of it only as a very strong desire after my Dad died and I so needed reflection.

I also think of the walk across the graduation stage, my kids in the audience and yellow sash draped over me, signifying graduate honors as another moment of genuine pride.

And there is one more.

Telling my personal story in front of an audience of executives and community leaders –all contributors of the United Way– who wanted to know how I won the money prize.  Every year the local career center chooses their “Woman of Promise” for writing an essay on how they got through a major life transition.

I wrote an essay as a newly divorced mom and student at the center, sharing how I pulled myself through the inevitable changes after my 17 year marriage ended.

I even got a standing ovation.

Feeling proud.

What a great thing to remember, to savor.

And I will bank on more to come.

What makes you feel most proud?  Was it serving someone, receiving an award, writing and publishing an article?  Or was it the late night phone call you picked up to talk to a troubled friend?  Or was it as simple as creating a nourishing meal you made for yourself as a start to your new healthy living plan?

Remember these.  Let your mind and body take in the memory.  It’s uplifting, it’s healing, and the mind will be encouraged to seek out new ways to build these beautiful moments.

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