Yoga talk at the office

Oprah used to say at the end of every show that “more action” went on with her studio audience after the taping, and now the popular vlogs tell you to stick around after their scripted talk to enjoy even more good content.

Now I can see that the same notion is happening after the weekly stress management sessions I teach at a downtown office: more and more people just want to hang out afterwards to share and swap some talk,  especially health tips.

Like the one on how to ease computer neck stress (forward fold overs or even Eagle pose), or the recommendation to use more coconut oil for shinier hair and happier skin, or how even taking a couple tablespoons of it daily could stave off Alzheimer’s.

Or the new research that says that eating way too much grain in our daily diet can lead to a build up of cancer-causing inflammation in the body. (Get more Omega’3s).

And the latest health books that are worth checking out, like The End of Illness by David Agus, MD.

We all crave the sharing and support that comes from being with kindred spirits.

Of course we don’t have to believe all the info that’s shared, though.

We can do our own research.

It’s just that the advice seems to feel a little more trustworthy when it’s dispensed by others who care a great deal–just like you– about the topics at hand.

And it sure is nice to hang out together.

Hope the “hanging out” this Thanksgiving is rewarding and nourishing for you this week.

Blessings and gratitude to you xo


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