A resting place

During yoga we make not only the breath the biggest part of our practice but also where we tend to focus our gaze. 

In order to tame a jumpy mind, the yogi finds a resting place for the eyes in every pose.

It’s quite intentional.

Because not only does it help calm a hot-wired nervous system, it also soothes and steadies our analytical brains.

Off the yoga mat, we use the breath for the same purpose.

Our breath frees up space in our minds. So rather than reacting in a knee-jerk manner to the moody co-worker, or lamenting for hours over how something should or should not have happened, we have the tool–the magic key of a deep inhale and exhale–to create enough space between reaction and simply breaking free of our own mental quicksand.

Practice this as often as you can, and it will transform you….

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