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I’m excited to be developing a new series of posts, all centered on conversations with some really interesting people who are either well-acquainted with living a yogic lifestyle, or who regularly practice the various paths behind it–like relaxation, for one!  (Yes–it is a path–it enables one to drop more readily into stillness and meditation!)

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be posting audio interviews with incredible people such as Ciara Cullen from her  home in Ireland–a little territory off the west coast of the country called Clare Island.  About three years ago I attended a yoga workshop there that she and her partner, Christophe, hosted, and I got to experience the beauty of their home and a snapshot of their lives with their two young children.    I also got to do (a little) work while there: weeding their garden with frantic but playful ducks running around.

From their yoga studio designed by Christophe was an amazing view of Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick (croagh is “mountain” in Gaelic) where mists gathered at its summit each day. I’ll be talking with Ciara about her life there and the illuminating workshops they present.

I’ll also be talking with Sophie, an amazing entrepreneur and business coach from Paris, France, about what the French do with their stress (it’s not always wine) and the legendary ways that its citizens embrace beauty everyday.  This conversation will be a mood lifter.  I know it will inspire you with ways to bring more health-affirming sensuality into your daily life.

More information will be coming!

best to you

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