Yoga As We Age

Yoga is a lot like golf.

From what I understand about golf, it’s a sport that can be taken up at about any age–it’s one of the few athletic pursuits that is relatively easy to start up and is relaxing to the body and mind since it requires focused awareness on the ball, mindful walking to wherever it lands, and an easy swing of the hips to wake up flexibility in the joints.

Yoga is like that, too.

It can be taken up at any age, it requires focused awareness (to the breath, that is) and it can certainly oil up the hip joints.

And although golf is a healthy pastime, yoga should be considered a necessity.

In our increasingly complex and uncertain world, yoga can be the safe island of health and calm for the aging population—-male and female.  From livening up our respiration, to stretching the muscles in a balanced and hardy way, yoga helps the human body slow down life’s stresses.

Start from your chair, stand next to a wall, or get on your mat.  Yoga will meet you wherever you are.

Be inspired and breathe deep!  Do yoga.

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