Dog Days Yoga

I received a helpful reminder from my yoga mentor and teacher for staying “stress hardy” during these days of intense humidity.

We may feel like giving up a yoga practice altogether when the temperatures start to sap our energy and mood, but there are heat-defying, soothing ways to keep up.

Start with the breath practice, “nadhi shodhana,” but keep the right nostril closed while inhaling slowly through the left nostril for about 5 to 10 rounds to turn down excessive heat in the body. Be sure to breathe slowly, experiencing the massage of the air flowing through the nasal passage.

Next, try a calming forward bend either seated in your chair or on the floor, and just let yourself hang out there for about 5 breaths. 

And if you can’t go for a restorative pose right now,  such as “legs-up-the-wall” or a body-temperature cooling Savasana, ( “corpse pose”) try simply sitting back in your chair for a lunchtime yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and envision lying back in a peaceful hammock– rocking back and forth– in your favorite place on the planet:  the beach,


the mountains,

your own backyard.

Hope that helps you this summer!



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