Create your own path

We feel entranced by fabled stories that let us walk with the hero or heroine into the great unknown and then are cheered by their return—stronger, bigger, better, and more resilient than before the trip.

In the book, “Pathways to Bliss,” the collected works of mythologist, Joseph Campbell, there is a re-telling of a story about King Arthur and his knights assembled around the Round Table.

Legend has it that the King never let anyone begin to eat until an adventure occurred.

And so, as they waited, the adventure begins to take shape.  It was the Holy Grail– but it was covered with a radiant cloth.

Then it suddenly disappears.

All the knights were left in awe.

Finally, Gawain, the King’s nephew, stands and says to the group, “I propose that we all should go in quest of that Grail to see it unveiled.”

But when the knights take up the challenge and assemble at the edge of a dark forest, they decide it would be a disgrace to seek the Grail together.  So each knight begins his journey into the Forest Adventurous on his own– where it was darkest-— and where there was no path.

We all have our own journeys to travel

Our own yellow brick roads

Our own oceans to set off across

Our own bridges to traverse.

But as we venture into the unknown of our own  lives, we can either look out into the distance  with an anxious gaze  or we can let ourselves be pumped up with the courage of anticipating something great.

Having an inner backpack full of yoga tools like these can turn us into grown up Eagle scouts for the journey:

mindful, tuned-in breathing practices

regular periods of quiet, rest, and stillness

focused awareness of where our thoughts are—

As psychologist and writer Nathanial Branden once said,  “the stability we cannot find in the world, we must create it within our own persons.”

Here’s to you– and the path to your greatest adventure—


Join us to practice these transformative tools–restorative yoga and guided meditation—with soothing chai tea served afterwards —at the Chushin Center, October 28, 1-3 pm. Tickets are  $25.   Claim your spot now by emailing

It’s an urban retreat for practicing the courage-inducing power of rest. 

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