Here are your Zen habits

What’s your usual morning “m.o.?”   Your typical routine?

Is it a few snooze hits to the alarm?

A groggy walk to the kitchen for coffee and then some internet news and email check-ins?

I used to be the snooze button person, and then when I did get upright, I went straight to the kitchen.  I was cranky till I was able to get some breakfast in me.

Now, though, I’ve been enjoying a whole new start.

Since reaping the benefits of a regular yoga practice (a daily sequence for about  20 to 30 minutes is what I start with) I’ve now begun carving out what I call “the optimal daily path” for myself before even getting food.

It helps me  center.  It’s a power-generator.  It moves me in the right direction.  It trains the brain.  It soothes and strengthens.  And it aligns me with Source, Divine Spirit, God, the Universal Mind.

Deepak Chopra said that  it makes you the wizard– the alchemist of your life.

Here it is:

  • Tune in to the breath. 

Just a few minutes of balanced breath (4 counts in, 4 counts out) or simply observe the breath and its  flow.

  • Wordlessness–stillness—meditation

Just feeling the rhythmic cycle of your own breath can help with concentration so that you can let go and move into this next powerful life-changing step.

And each time your inner voice wants to shriek: “what do I need to get done today?” simply go back to  observing the breath and watching the thoughts.

Attempts at this can feel futile at first, but try not to be daunted.  The real key is to keep going.  You are literally training your mind into a new habit.

  • The next step is the phase called “forming,” or”envisioning.”

This is the part of the optimal daily path where you draw up the day’s plan, like the architect rendering the blueprint for a building, of the picture of the person you will be, in the vision you have decided will unfold.

You become the c0-architect of your ideal scene–joining forces with the Consciousness that writes up all the details for you  –and backed up with your belief.  And the more infused with good feelings that you make the picture, the riper and easier the manifesting will be.

One note, however.  You can’t rush through it all like a checklist.  Our days are full of that kind of stuff.

That’s why starting off with relaxation–breath awareness, stillness–can help you experience this practice from the heart.

Being in present moment awareness activates the heart.  And that’s a magnetic, attractive place to be.

Try writing out your ideal imaginings the night before to be able to enjoy this last step of your a.m. practice.

And use your senses.  See yourself in your ideal scene feeling it, touching it, truly enjoying it. 

Charles Haanel is a “New Thought” writer who wrote the 1912 book,  “The Master Key System.”

In it he writes that there is a Universal Truth—-

that one can always recreate himself and master his own destiny, but ONLY if he is wide-awake to the power of right thought.

Open yourself up to this daily plan and see your own amazing path unfold.





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