Office Breathing

This is the second post of a series for the desk bound who want to keep up great health

Seems like the news is everywhere now:  “Don’t sit down!  It’s hard on your health!”

So much for de-stressing.   We’re all going to turn into a big bag of nerves.

Yet there is a middle ground, of course. By simply getting up from the desk every hour or more will keep the circulation flowing more freely throughout the body.  Stretching the arms up and over  your head,  doing  some side to side chair twists—all movement will increase “prana,” “chi,” your life force, in the body.

Last post I talked about prolonged sitting being hard on the hips.  It can also  compress the belly area,  which houses the diaphragm–the dome-shaped sheet of muscle that inserts into the lower ribs.

The diaphragm is considered the “driver of respiration”  since it provides more power to our lungs.  When we breathe with the help of the diaphragm, we are able to pull more air into the lobes—even into the lower halves of the lungs–so the higher concentration of inhaled air tends to  stir up a deep concentration of capillaries and blood supply that wouldn’t normally get this exchange if we’re breathing at the level of the chest  all day.

And if we’re caught up in our heads for hours and hours, peering into the computer screen, we forget that we even have a body let alone a breathing habit.

So time to stand up, take a walk, or just push the chair away from the desk.

Place your hand on your stomach- breathe in—and make sure you feel your abs move forward into your hand.   Exhale slowly–and feel the stomach move back into the body, the diaphragm doing its healthy work.

It’s instant energy, too.

I’m going to stand up now.

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