Yoga for the Inflexible

Start from your chair.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in.

As you exhale out, ask yourself:

 “How did I get so flexible?”

You’re not lying to yourself.  You want to be more flexible, right?

You already know that connective tissue begins to stiffen with age, so “warming” it to stay supple and mobile lets you glide through life comfortably and with less injury, yes?

And you’re also keenly aware that your bones and tissue respond to the needs placed on them, so they end up becoming becoming stronger and more youthful through use.

So it’s not a fib–it’s the truth of how you see yourself:

vibrant and fluid, full of energy, the master of your universe!

Start with that thought, and then put the thought into action.

Begin these simple stretches to help dust off the stress and shine more sunlight through your bones, muscles, organs….

  • Sit towards the edge of your chair, close your eyes, and do 3-4 slow, sensuous shoulder shrugs–squeeze them up to your ears!
  • Inhale and lengthen the right arm up by your ear and arc over your head, fanning your ribs open as you lean into the stretch
  • Exhale, release the arm.  Repeat on the other side.
  • Stand behind your chair or at the wall and stretch your arms out to touch the wall or the back of the chair.  Walk the hips back until your arms are straight and the insides of your arms are grazing the ears.  Breathe deeply…
  • Stand, then bend the knee, reach back behind you to hold your ankle, pressing the heel in towards the buttock.  Hold for 4-5 breaths.  Repeat to the other side.
  •  Sit at the edge of your chair, and finish with do 3-4 more shoulder shrugs.  Finish by inhaling deeply through the nose, and exhale slowlyout the mouth.

See?  It works!

Keep it going now…



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