Hips are It

This is the first post of a series for the desk bound who want to keep rocking their health.

If work has you seated for more than a few hours at a time, you know you’re going to need to get up and move frequently if you want to keep tissue and muscle long and mobile.

The hips are especially vulnerable to tightening up, since this is the area of the body that is kept in a flexed position while seated.

If not stretched regularly, the hip flexors shorten up and this then limits the ability to straighten the hips.  And tight hip flexors tend to pull the pelvis forward adding compression to the  lower back.

We were built to move.

Try a Warrior pose to break up long periods at your desk.

The bonus, too, is that it will feel grounding and empowering.

Close the door if you’d like, or not, if you’re not self-conscious about your co-workers’ curiosity.  Stand behind your chair and step the right leg forward, left leg back, left heel stretching into the floor.  Make a  wide enough leg stance so that you can bend the front knee at a ninety degree angle, keeping the shoulders in line with your hips.  Place your hands on your hip points (the ASIS or bony protuberances jutting from the hips) so that they “look”   forward.

Imagine your spine lifting up out of your hips and feel your tailbone letting go and dropping down.  You can stay here for about 5 deep breaths, or raise your arms up towards the ceiling into Warrior I,  or Virabhadrasana.

Repeat on the other side and begin to feel your hips again.

This country is quickly becoming an an explosion of octogenerians.  Some are living out their lives with ageless zeal.   Others are feeling every muscle and bone just to move down steps.  Stay as fluid and as flexible as possible so that you can continue  contributing to your world and living vibrantly in your body.

I’ll  highlight more great poses that will keep your body and mind alert and fueled up throughout your day even if you need to stay close to your desk.

Best to you





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