Creative ways to make your work day better

Breaking through the glass ceiling.                                      

It can be a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Every week we sit in meditative awareness in the conference room of the 30th floor of the downtown office building.

Faces relaxed and happy, others nodding off and then valiantly lifting their spines taller to avoid napping, distractions occurring regularly in bursts of laughter from the next door lunch room.

But we sit.  Looking undisturbed.

It’s a “Restore and Renew” session for the corporate office workers–some having been coerced into arriving by a  co-worker, others eagerly looking forward to their “mindless” time.

I guide them through some therapeutic yoga stretches from their chairs, and then we settle in for a progressive body relaxation.  Some tranquil guided imagery is added, then we follow up with simple silence and focused breathing.

The Tibetan bells bring their journey to a gentle close.

It all adds up to letting go rather than hustling,

BEING rather than doing.

It means thawing out, restoring the balance that our bodies just naturally crave and letting in some light so that we’re reminded that we’re more than just a suit.



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