What My Yoga Teacher Tells Me

Breathe in, exhale out.

Sit down, stand up.

Let’s do it again!

I had them bending and jumping and twirling and twisting all over the place..Over and over it went.

I could see the group getting pumped whether they wanted to be or not.

I was nervous and smooth flowing breaths were not happening that day.

It was a fundraiser for the yoga school I was attending, and my classmates and I were all taking turns leading. It was my turn to lead and my mentor and teacher, Janice, was in the class.

I knew all the training and knowledge she had passed along to me was being (nicely) evaluated. There was nowhere to run.

I saw the truth of my own practice that day (rushed and a little chaotic) with some help from my teacher.

What my yoga teacher tells me is this:

Slow down.
Be mindful of every movement, the way the tiger is with each step.
Feel something in the body.
Scan my body--let my energy reach out in every direction.
Back off the pose if I can’t experience a full breath.

New awareness for my practice.

And in life.

Take care


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