The Inner Healer

I found myself caught up this winter season with the round of colds and viruses that’s been hitting so many people this year—the first one hit me Christmas Day, and then another strain just last week.  I thought I was a good cold dodger over the years but  not this time.       

I have to admit to thinking I had some special immunity from all the deep breathing I did as well as having a regular yoga schedule to keep the lymph flowing.

But sometimes the guard drops in the body, and the immunity engine just can’t keep up.  I had to learn to just give in to it and hibernate for a bit, becoming more like the natural world during this season– which meant lying fallow, going underground, curling up and  hiding out.

And it was so against the way I wanted to go.

I wanted to push into it.  I wanted to will it out of my body.  I wanted to make it as brief a visit in my body as possible.

But there’s a yoga-like way to encourage repair.

It’s somewhere in the middle of all that fighting and just surrendering.

In a yoga pose we’re reminded to walk the harmonious line between putting too little energy in a pose so that we’re unable to create a tipping point for change in the body, to the exact opposite—

asserting too much of our will when the body simply isn’t ready to go there.

I had to learn the lesson of sattva, or balance, between the two opposites in order to point my body towards wellness again.

Sattva is one of three attributes, or gunas, that is found in nature and within us, according to Ayurveda concepts, and is the one intangible force that creates harmony and stability out of the dynamic movement of rajas , the second guna, and jump starts awakening and  lightness out of slow, dark tamas, the third guna.

All three forces have their place in nature, but sattva gets the pendulum of our health to return to a rhythmical pace when we let our minds relax,

when we turn our bodies in early for rejuvenating shut-eye,

and when our spirit learns to see our connection to the wellness that is already there, since it is truly our natural state of being in the world.

So now I plan to remember my well-being this season—

I’m going to take a siesta right now.

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