Wild yoga

Here is my 4th interview in my “yoga lifestyle” series.   In this interview, I am speaking with Ciara Cullen from her home in Ireland where she and her partner, Christophe, are raising two children on a farm in the wild and windy region called Clare Island off the west coast. Here they not only cultivate the land to support themselves but also run yoga retreats that have drawn people from around the planet to enjoy their expertise and the chance to truly step out of a chaotic space in their lives. 

I met them about 5 years ago on a spring trip I took to get to know a little more about Ireland and to experience my yoga practice far from my usual routine.

When I arrived there at their farm after planes, trains, taxis, and a ferry, I felt completely at ease (and utterly exhausted) as they welcomed me into their beautiful farm home overlooking the bay and the mountain top beyond that was said to be St. Patrick’s place of fasting for 40 days in the 5th century.

I talked with Ciara for about 43 minutes as she gave me a fascinating history of the island and the life she and her family leads here. It’s a great lesson for anyone wondering what it may be like to turn back to, appreciate, and even cultivate the land again–

For more information about Ciara and Christophe’s farm and their beautiful yoga/meditation retreats, you can check out this link here.

Here is our interview.

And I would love to hear your thoughts or your comments.

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