Why you should get out of your own way and live already

A good friend of mine has witnessed my ups and downs ever since I started moving in the direction of the “road less traveled.”

Although it’s really not any kind of road I’ve seen before.

More like an ancient, wildly overgrown forest.

But something nudges me more deeply into it.

I have a roomful of naysayers around me who see it as sheer recklessness on my part— “the bills!,” “where will you stay?,” “aren’t you worried at all?,” “your healthcare, for god’s sakes?”

but I see it as a simple knowing that this is what I need to do, and maybe soon a little burst of  sunlight will beam through the overgrowth and help direct the way.

It’s a journey that has no signs to offer, no traffic lights, no corporate ladder to climb.

Just coincidences, synchronicities, gut hunches in knowing that this is right.

So for now I just continue to share what I know and love with people:

yoga,  breathing through the stress,  meditation to deepen the connection to Source.

And I go to these myself every time I feel I’m in need of firmer ground.

It’s all about courage.     A LOT of letting go.     Faith.

And the stubborn conviction that I am choosing to live the way I want to live.

I would like to share a link  to a friend’s perspective on learning to listen to the heart.

I think she is secretly describing me in this, but it could also be for many others out there who are choosing to go walking down their own road “less traveled:”




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