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I finish up my book and then it’s time to fling my 10 year old body over the side of the bed to get an upside down view of my bedroom and a great stretch.

Just like a cat knows it instinctively, my kid body knew it too:  take some time out to get the energy flowing through the body again.

And now when I do the Sun Salutes in my yoga classes I know it looks suspiciously close to what I did when I roamed all over my neighborhood as a kid, feeling effortlessly tuned in to my body— climbing trees and beating my chest like Tarzan.  (I had to keep up with my buddies, Michael and Frankie, who did it every morning from their bedroom windows in the summertime.)

Here’s a more modified version of the “fling yourself backwards over your bed pose.” 

In yoga it’s called Matsyasana, or “Fish” pose, since it resembles a floating posture (remember the phrase “flip over and float?“) so that struggle in uncertain waters helps the ribs to lift and the lungs to stay filled with air.

This pose is an energizing spine and breath opener that can be part of your daily chair yoga practice.   It’s a great pose  for those mind-numbing mid-afternoon slumps and to keep the rib muscles elastic and resilient.

The entire length of the torso gets stretched including the pectorals and the diaphragm, creating space for fuller, richer breathing as it melts through layers of tension in the upper torso, especially the neck and shoulders.

Here is Beth and Lynette taking a boardroom break.

Be sure to press your hips firmly into your seat and keep your shoulders relaxed and dropping back as you open up the throat and press up into the chest.  Take about 3 to 5 slow deep breaths and picture and sense the ribs opening up like fish gills.

Finishing with a forward fold will feel incredible.

Try it from your chair—and maybe over your bed for a deeper stretch and some kid-enlightening change…

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