Stretch, Breathe, Expand

I decided I would walk just a tad deeper into the nothingness, the giant VOID, so to speak, with my audience last Sunday.

They seemed friendly, curious, and open that sunny afternoon at the yoga studio, and they were all sweetly relaxed after a breath meditation.

I thought this next element would be the right time to take a bit of a risk with them–

to say some things they weren’t expecting to hear since it hadn’t been described at all in the promotion on the studio’s website.    But I thought it was so worthwhile to say…

My workshop was on breath technique, or pranayama  (“breath restraint”) and the ways in which breath impacts and transforms the ways in which we live, act, and tend to react in the world everyday.

After delving into the whys behind increasing our awareness to our breath–the physical, mental, emotional reasons behind it— and after practicing a variety of “techniques” together, it was the word “spirit” that I wanted to talk about next–the connection between the physical and the subtle world. 

Really subtle.

So subtle that you just have to have the faith in order to feel it…

Spirit is derived from the Latin “spiritus,” which means breath, and simply tuning into our breath as often as we can during our day will open up new doors of connection between ourselves and the energy that lightly feathers over all of nature and the entire planet.

“If you can allow yourself  to simply feel this relaxed connection to the breath lifeline as often as you can, you can change the course of your life, ” I explained.

In fact, you can become a creator of your life.

But it can’t happen when you are stressed, anxious, or up in your head all day long from analysis, fear, guilt, or worry.

You have to relax. 

And the breath is the first internal switch you can use to encourage that ease in your life.

If you are able to make your breath be at the center stage of your life by practicing conscious awareness of it in the morning and then again in the evening, and perhaps eventually all throughout your day, you make yourself available to the  connection between the subtle “field” that permeates everything around you.

This “field,” which appears to be just a giant void, the “nothingness,” around us, is actually made up of quantum particles that scientists now agree make up all of life, and is considered to be the net or the “matrix” that surrounds us, or what may be called Source, the Universal Mind, God.

Once I got to this part of my workshop, a variety of faces stared back.

I saw several people nodding.

Others were looking puzzled.

Some others looked blank–no reaction at all.

Who knows? Maybe the non-reacting group had heard this before and just wanted to see how I would proceed.

Ok.  I got it out there.  For most of them, it was simply an introductory woo woo consideration that may never enter their minds (or hearts) again. And that’s fine.

But for those who were leaning in more, feeling a bit curious, I hope they will go for a little more exploration on this pretty amazing–no, make that phenomenal—- concept.

And perhaps they’ll want to try this “waterfall” exercise again at home that I followed up my talk with:

  • Settle in–take some deep breaths ( of course!)
  • See your goal or vision for your life (or even just the day‘s vision) in your mind
  • Give it detail–see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, hear it--and put yourself in it
  • Now imagine it as an energy form.  See this energy flowing to you and through you like a waterfall
  • Then simply release it– let it go.

This exercise helps you imprint into the quantum field a desire.

Then leave it to the “field,” to Source, to God, to bring it into possibility.

And how does this happen, you might be asking…

That’s exactly where faith needs to step in.

Or gather up some reading material if you need a little more description—

–anything by Deepak Chopra, or Dianne Collins, author of  “Do You Quantum Think?,”  Penney Peirce, author of “Frequency,” and life coach Martha Beck has written many wonderful books including the massively entertaining “Finding Your Way in the Wild New World.”

All these  new wave thinkers offer great leaping off points for this new journey that is available to anyone who wants to believe it–

maybe that will be you.

Can you let yourself stretch–breathe–and expand  into this new world?

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