How to feel complete

The yin and the yang.

The hard and soft.                                                           

Light and dark.

Hatha yoga.

“Ha–Tha”  meaning Sun and Moon.

The mingling of opposites to create the whole.

Hatha yoga is the merging of energies and processes in the body that are so numerous and some so complex, it can be a long story to list them all.

Here are some familiar opposites that help create our natural wholeness:

the soft nurturing intake of life into the lungs ending with the deep letting go of the exhale for recycling once again,

the  “Sun” of the front body and the “Moon” of the much less-glimpsed back body,

the yin and yang of our own muscles working in synchrony with each other to produce a movement:  some gripping or contracting towards the bone, the others lengthening all at the same time,

the pressing down of the feet into the Earth to begin the buoyant lengthening of the spine upwards.

Our bodies perfectly designed for the alignment with the Whole —

And it’s the circular joining of not only the physical, but also the harmonizing of mental energy that forges the path of healthy processes in the body.

From the Tao Ching, the old man philosopher Lao Tzu said,  “Be Whole….and all will come to you.”

Just know that you are already physically whole and complete.

And as you remember and really let yourself feel the ease of the natural harmony you were born with, you bring harmony to the mind, as well.

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