Save the Planet Get Some Sleep

I hear from more people that one of their biggest obstacles to getting out there and working for world peace more often is that they aren’t getting enough sleep.  Starbucks can only cover up the sleep deprivation so far.  And by the time the fuse blows and the body can’t be coaxed any further with the stimulants, you’re left with the physical symptoms.

Go for natural remedies first, if that’s possible.   Magnesium in the diet or as a supplement helps ease tension in muscles,  so does a dose of melatonin before bed.  Lavender oil sprinkled or sprayed over sheets or dabbed on the temples, counting the breaths (or recalling everything on your gratitude list), a bedtime yoga sequence,are all effective, safe ways  to encourage an easier send-off.

But the biggest key to a better night’s sleep is to encourage regular awareness of where your mind wants to hang out everyday— on the task in front of you, or on the comment someone made to you? Can it be thinking about taking in a nice smooth breath, or is it worried about getting the bills paid?

Keeping yourself healthy (and getting a better nights’ rest)  means not letting yourself get tossed every which way by outside events so that “clenching” of the mind creeps up, which then trickles down into the body. Of course this sounds like a huge task.  And initially, it is.

But world peace depends on your being healthy.

Not to give you more stress, though.

Love yourself a little more today.  Refuse to tell yourself, “sure, I will.  Later.”   Later means you won’t sleep.

Even if you can’t stop a negative thought in its track regularly, at least put it on hold for a bit by “scanning” the body for tension or clenching: let go of holding in the jaw, neck, low back, your hips.    Start at your feet or the top of the head, and then shine the mental flashlight over your whole body.  You can even deliberately tense up the muscles and then release them.   Mental relaxation follows physical relaxation.

Sleep will be your friend again.

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