Yogi in DC

Finished my trip to DC to visit family and celebrate a baby shower–my niece, Kristin–due in September.  It was such a beautiful experience.  I seldom see my extended family and this was so what I needed in the middle of all the rather isolating endeavors of creating a business.

I’m lucky I have a family that honestly appreciates each other.

My brother John is a true blue fan of Abe Lincoln, and he is in his prime being right in the middle of the city where our history books first got to know Lincoln best.  He’s even researched and compiled all the various places Lincoln visited in his time, and has fit it into a beautiful map sure to be eaten up by Lincoln-ites.

It took him roughly 4 years of after work time to put it all together, having combed through reams of documents and other books at the Library of Congress and other institutions.  I’m quite proud of him.

Evidence of John’s love for Lincoln is captured all throughout his home–in abstract prints, mini-statues, not to mention a complete library–we all joked that Marilyn, his wife, would one day find him in his home office sporting the Abe beard and stovepipe hat, pensively stroking his chin.

That weekend I was staying in their downstairs room and on my way to the bathroom I took a quick glance at the darkened room that was his “research” room.  I felt this jolt come over me when I saw what looked like the disembodied face of Abe floating near the ceiling.

Abe was now in the vicinity–“seanced” in by my brother’s obsession–and without the Ouiji board—

I didn’t feel curious to go any further–I got the hell out of the basement.

I find out from amused family: Abe was a 6 foot tall cutout.



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