Yogi Tour

I have the really great honor of hosting a yogi master from southern India for the next several months.  It’s kind of a long tale as to how I got to meet him, which has turned out to have been about a year in the making.  A mutual friend who lives here in Columbus brought the yogi here since he wanted to show audiences  that the yoga they do in gyms is really not the Eastern style that he knows.  I will take him on  a “walk about” to introduce him to a variety of groups who wish to deepen their yoga practice, or perhaps get to know it for the first time. (We’ve made introductions to the American Diabetes Association already, and although they were gracious, seemed a little confused about how this could help! Back to my yoga research for this one!)

“An-gee,” as he is called for simplicity,  has years of practice with yoga therapy and Ayurvedic principles in which he discusses the connection to understanding the natural flow of nature and our place in it, the foods we eat, as well the thoughts we take in, since our mental state can either nourish or exhaust us as well!  In a nutshell, it’s about being whole again!

I had my own session with him yesterday morning as he demonstrated the asanas that he practices everyday, and I found them to be much more synchronized with the breath including holding it in certain places..    It was truly another lesson for me in understanding that this means slow down–what’s the damn hurry?

I’ll post more as the tour unfolds!

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