The Mundane and the Miraculous

Craig Hamilton is the founder of Integral Enlightenment, an organization whose mission it is to bring evolutionary changes to the planet—a very lofty goal.  But he raises this great thought:

“Our own comfort and contentment seems like a reasonable enough goal (when we practice meditation or mindful awareness in our daily lives.)  But as long as our own happiness is all we’re seeking, we’ll never awaken the depth of spiritual passion and conviction required to propel us into genuine evolution beyond ego.”

What if we start to open up to the idea that when we practice these tools for de-stressing——-

meditation, tuning into our breathing, trying a yoga class, progressively relaxing the body through guided imagery, or even just enjoying the pleasure of relaxing—–

that we do this with the idea that the collective world around us–your co-workers, your family, your relationships—-can all reap the benefits of your choosing to drop the grasping, climbing, striving, clenching, and simply BE.

Maybe you’re thinking that it ain’t that simple.
Or is it?
Science has confirmed that we humans are all part of a collective awareness, and that any one of us has an impact on the Whole.

So when you practice being quiet and still, or when you throw open your yoga mat, let yourself think big. 



Let it be the thought that your practice is not just for your own peace of mind, but for the collective peace of the world.                             

Know that our practice can truly extend

beyond you.

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