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Do you ever make an intention for your day?

Or are your intentions already written out in the form of the endless to-do list?

An intention can be a guiding light for your life–a north star–or it could simply be a few moments’ thought everyday as to how you want to see your day unfold.

Steve Jobs formed his intent from a statement he kept taped to his bathroom mirror:   “Live each day as if it was your last.  And one of those days you’ll be right.”  He was a prolific inventor, probably because of this very idea that fueled him.

I am finishing the book , “Fierce Medicine,” by internationally known  yoga teacher, Ana Forrest, and she describes living each day according to what really matters–to live as authentically as you can.

She describes an exercise called the “Death Meditation,” which is chillingly powerful enough to make anyone wake up and take more notice of how they are spending their moments.

My intention—-my north star—- is choosing and intending to live as bravely as I can, and as a business coach suggested—with as much vulnerability as I can handle.

To live my life in a way that ultimately makes my family proud and the world a little better…

How do you want to live your life?

An intention, regularly whispered, spoken, written down, has the power to steer you towards the path you wish to follow.  





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