Zen and the Power Outtage

It’s as quiet as the inside of a dark chapel.

Not even the sound of a dog barking.

It was evening 4 of a predicted 8 day power outtage, and the whole neighborhood looked as if it had been evacuated.  No lights, no cars, no sound of the the next door AC humming.  Just a few crickets gave some life out there.  And temperatures were steamy.

And even though my watch showed 10:30 pm, there was really nothing left to do except roll the sheet over the downstairs couch and make way for sleep.  Normally,  I’d be half-watching a news program or spreading papers and other homework over the floor for working on.

Not the past few nights.

Time to go for the Zen in all this.

Even though I kept pretending I was feeling a cool ocean breeze blowing in, sleep was not going to happen.

So I felt my way in the dark till I found the flashlight nearby and began reading.

It suddenly felt nourishing and quite nostalgic–the way it was when I was an 8 year-old, under the stars during the summer in the backyard tent.

And Ayurvedic teachings have us retiring at 10 in order to replenish our bodies and minds–because tuning into and following the rhythm of the earth’s cycles is what we were meant to do.

It was a fleeting lesson from Mother Nature–

but with the electronics back up and our lives returning to its modern day stride–can we remember tuning back in again?

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